Clinical Info

For healthcare professionals
PerioChip® should not be used in any patient who has a known sensitivity to chlorhexidine. Anaphylaxis, as well as serious allergic reactions, have been reported during postmarketing use with dental products containing chlorhexidine.

Clinical Information

Clinically proven to be more effective than SRP alone

In 2 U.S multi-center studies, it has been shown that patients who received PerioChip®after scaling and root planing (SRP) experienced a statistically significant reduction in the depth of their periodontal pockets versus patients who were treated with SRP alone, at 9 months after initial treatment.


Approximately twice as many subjects treated with PerioChip®+ SRP showed an improvement in pocket depth of 2 mm or more at 9 months compared to subjects treated with SRP alone (36% (PerioChip® + SRP) vs. 17% (SRP alone) in Study 94-002 and 25% (PerioChip®+ SRP) vs. 10% (SRP alone) in Study 94-003).



Clinical studies - General information
  • The two studies were double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trials that included 447 adult patients with periodontitis who had at least 4 pockets with probing depth of 5-8 mm that bled on probing.
  • All patients received full mouth SRP at baseline and if the pocket depth remained ≥5 mm at 3 and/or 6 months after initial treatment, another chip was placed into the pocket.
  • Patients were in good general health.
  • Diabetics were excluded from the studies.
  • Patients did not have acutely abscessed periodontal pockets.
  • PerioChip® effects on bleeding upon probing have not been established.
  • There were no significant changes in plaque development or gingivitis.
  • Smokers and non-smokers were enrolled in these studies ;although non- smokers using PerioChip® demonstrated significant improvement in PD, smokers demonstrated a trend towards improvement that did not reach statistical significance.